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Published on 06/04/2012 - Edition 2012

Do you need to ease your mind? Reiki helps your body and your mind rest and revitalize naturally.

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Reiki is the union between relaxation and meditation, whose benefits have been long recognized. This is a Japanese practice meaning "strength of the spirit".

This method responds to an increasing demand from a large public searching for well-being to release the pressure of everyday difficulties (illness, unemployment, divorce, loss of marks of identity, motivation, meaning or values, etc.). Reiki enables to transform this suffering by developing our own natural resources to face their life in a balanced way.

Traditional Reiki is a positive and non-medical practice of mental health described as such by the WHO (World Health Organization). It solves two aspects: personal fulfillment (relax the body and mind, fight against stress, functional somatization) and reactive psychological distress (change of emotions, adaptation to life, upsetting situations, existential difficulties).

The Reiki institute was created in 2000 and has been a founding member of the French Federation of Traditional Reiki. Today, this is the only school of continuing education teaching traditional Reiki. They created the Reikibunseki® label which is a professional reference in this emerging practice.

These professional formations are available for anyone.

The Reiki institute also shares some agreements with hospitals and health centre institutions which allow the volunteers to dispense Reiki sessions for more than 8 years now.

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on the booth


At Japan Expo, the professionals from the French Federation of Traditional Reiki (F.F.R.T.) and the volunteers from the Reiki Institute are here on the Reiki booth. They offer 30 minutes Reiki sessions to make you enjoy this wonderful relaxation practice based on touch which grants you both physical and psychological rest, allowing revitalization, well-being and confort.

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