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Published on 31/05/2011 - Edition 2011

The cultural stage is hosting a new kind of show with Rakugo and the “stories fallen from a fan”.

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Rakugo is a Japanese kind of litterary show where the storyteller is sitting on stage. He/she is often using accessories: a paper fan and a little piece of clothing. Always sitting, the Rakugo artist is telling a humoristic story.

The story usually includes a dialog with several characters who sound different only thanks to the tone, the speed and the position of the head.


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The artists


Stéphane FERRANDEZ, storyteller
Born in 1973 in Lyon, Stéphane FERRANDEZ is fascinated by art and human. He is following several trainings, of ethnology, comedy and storytelling.
Villa Kujoyama 2009 laureate, he was initiated to Rakugo by Japanese masters. Today he proposes the “stories fallen from a fan” to the French-speaking audiences.

Sandrine GARBUGLIA, writer and director
Born in 1974 in Blanc-Mesnil, Sandrine GARBUGLIA is the daughter of Italian artists. She started to live her passion for theater as she was very young. Writer and director, she teaches theater and founded her own company.
Villa Kujoyama 2009 laureate, she now adapts and direct Rakugo texts.

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Meet the Guest

  • Rakugo Thursday 30 June, 14h45-15h45, Cultural stage
    By Stéphane Ferrandez & Sandrine Garbuglia

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  • Culture and traditions
    Culture and traditions
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