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Puroresu (wrestling)

Published on 16/06/2012 - Edition 2012

Wrestling came back at Japan Expo last year and you want more? Then get ready to watch the Triple Tails.S fighting on the ring, as well as male wrestlers!!

Don’t miss great matches
on the ring of Japan Expo and give it a try

and Triple Tails.S, stars of female wrestling



ICWA wrestlers


Since 2006, Puroresu (Japanese wrestling) by ICWA is in love with Japan Expo. Not only does it attract huge crowds, but male and female wrestlers have kept on the path to glory after Japan Expo:

  • Bryan DANIELSON, winner of the Super Japan Expo Cup in 2008, has become heavyweight champion of the WWE (USA)
  • Doug WILLIAMS (2006 and 2007) has become a huge star of TNA (USA)

It’s also true for the French talents of the ICWA: Tom LA RUFFA (2008), Dimitri SOLIOTOPOULOS (2008), Driss DJAFFALI (2008), Lucas DI LÉO (2010) and Peter FISCHER (2010).

Let’s not forget the female wrestlers: Tomoka NAKAGAWA (2007), Hiroyo MATSUMOTO (2007) and Sweet Saraya (2008) have become stars of the SHIMMER (USA), the female wrestling world reference!

And also Yoshinobu KANEMARU, Takeshi SUGIURA, Takeshi RIKIO, Dragon Kid, CIMA, Metal Master, Mariko YOSHIDA… so many names who are Puroresu references.



On the ring this year


As every year, the program will delight all Puroresu fans!

Japan Expo is welcoming two major stars of Joshi Puroresu, Japanese female wrestling. Triple Tails.S, Kana and Mio Shirai, are about to make their fans faint.

And also male Puroresu with the ICWA blue chips and a few surprises.






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