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Published on 24/04/2012 - Edition 2012

Othello is back at Japan Expo to explain to you the simple rules of this game which yet has an infinite strategic richness!

Become an expert in Othello


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Othello: where does it come from?


It all started in England by the late 19th century, under the name of Reversi. Yet, its modern history dates back to 1971, when it is reinvented by a Japanese creator as Othello. His father, an English literature teacher, suggested the name Othello because of its many twists and turns, like in Shakespeare’s play.

In 1973, the game is a best-seller in Japan and the first national championship is organized. In 1976, Othello invades the rest of the world and since 1977, a World Championship takes place every year.


A strategy against intuition


Though the game is very popular and the rules are easy as ABC, it is also rich and complex, and few players know it. Indeed, almost none of its strategic principles follow intuition.

In fact, the ingredients of a good strategy are unknown from the average players and it is almost impossible to discover them by yourself, so much that thousands amateurs are stuck for months or even years, applying strategies which would be catastrophes against any experienced player.



Beat 99 % of the players


Which are those principles which would allow you to beat any amateur within 10 minutes? Come and discover them on the booth of the Othello French Federation. High-level players will be glad to welcome you!



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