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Published on 10/04/2012 - Edition 2012

Impossible to avoid when it comes to Japanese culture, martial arts are, as always, well represented. Le Temple du Ninja makes you discover Ninjutsu!

On the Tatami, Japan Expo is changing you
into real Ninja


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Le Temple du Ninja (temple of the Ninja) is at Japan Expo to represent a discipline quite unknown in France, Ninjutsu. The La Fédération française de Ninjutsu (Ninjutsu French Federation) was founded by Philippe BARTHELEMY in 1983. Before that Ninjutsu did not really exist in Europe and no club had been created to spread the discipline. A pioneer in Europe, the federation aims at promoting this ancestral martial technique in France.

The two most famous trends of Ninjutsu (there has actually been 73 Ninjutsu schools) were Koga and Iga, won fame as one was said to be dedicated to protecting the Emperor and had been created on his decision, and the other dealt with intelligence and intervention missions.


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The art of the ninja


A Ninja was a spy working for the Japanese government, then became some kind of policeman during the Edo era. A Ninja was yet much more than a warrior, he was a weapon. Having official free hand, he was allowed to use any necessary means to realize his mission. According to the experts teaching Ninjutsu in Japan, fighting techniques were divided into 36 families.

Each Ninja was specialized in one discipline in which he excelled: climbing, swimming, document searching… Some of them turned to more scientific techniques which allowed them to make ingenious gadgets to be used during missions. The specialization determined the choice of one Ninja or another for a particular action.


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