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Nihonga painting

Published on 23/04/2012 - Edition 2012

Discover traditional art techniques from all over the world: the association Pigments et Arts du Monde shows Nihonga painting, among others, and allows you to try it!

Admire Nihonga painting
and attend initiation techniques



The association


Created in 2004, the association Pigments et Arts du Monde supports friendship between France and Japan and art exchanges between the two countries. It also promotes traditional art know-how and techniques from various cultures, creating links between the workshop and places where art is scarce.


Exhibitions & initiations


Pigments et Arts du Monde presents Nihonga/Nikawa-e (literally Japanese painting/glue painting) with an exhibition and initiations on their booth.

Nihonga is an ancient art with origins from China. The word is used since the Meiji era in opposition to Yôga, Western painting. Nihonga is above all based on minerals, earth or seashells, and Nikawa (organic glue).

At Japan Expo, the association presents Nihonga through the theme of Hanami (looking at cherry trees).

You will also discover a painting from tantric buddhism with Thangka on canvas and inks by Karma Yeshe, and Chinese painting with works by Jok Wah Fong. The exhibition also includes Bon-Gem (fake Bonsai inlaid with stones), works by Yuko Matsuzaki.

Finally, you can get initiated to Nihonga and attend Chinese painting demonstrations. The booth offers a cosy area, great to relax and admire the works.


Pigments et Arts du Monde website


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