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Nihon Antiquaire

Published on 17/06/2011 - Edition 2011

Masterpieces of the Japanese feudal art of war but also authentic pieces of clothe and art objects exhibited at Japan Expo!

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Japanese sabers are the most symbolic items of the Samurai art. But beyond sabers, it also includes many objects that the Japanese warrior used daily in the old days.

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During the festival, Nihon Antiquaire presents a selection of art objects but also historical pieces from various eras.

You can admire:

  • Authentic Japanese sabers of any size: Tantô, Wakizashi, Katana, dating back to the 14th century to World War II
  • Accessories linked to sabers: Tsuba, Sageo, Fuchi-Kashira and Menuki
  • Armours, helmets and authentic armour pieces
  • Archery objects: Yumi (large assymetrical bow used by Samurai), arrows, quivers
  • Authentic silk Kimono, for men, women and children, from the 19th century to the present time
  • And a variety of art objects from paintings to bronzes, statuettes, etc.
  • And of course literature and documents about Samurai and their equipments

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Nihon Antiquaire's concepts and commitment:

  • The search for the perfection of Japanese art
  • The link with the practice of martial arts and especially those using sabers: Kendô, Iaidô, Aikidô and Kobudô for example
  • The challenge to understand the values of Samurai and their way of life
  • The respect of the objects they display
  • The effort in the search of a precise object
  • The acceptation of any object from the home to widen the collections, according to its conservation state

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