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Martial arts

Published on 20/03/2012 - Edition 2012

Martial arts are part of the unavoidable activities of Japan Expo thanks to many associations!

© TAKO Presse / 2011 / Kamel
Iaidô at Japan Expo 2011

At Japan Expo, on the Tatami, attendees can discover many martial arts thanks to associations. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly but real lessons are given by experts.

If you are bold enough and are ready to sweat on the Tatami, you can meet sport fans who transmit their love for martial arts, which are often as much a way of life as sports disciplines. They are an ideal means of discovering traditional Japanese culture and the Bûshido, "the way of the warrior", while letting off steam!

© TAKO Presse / 2011 / Kamel                                © TAKO Presse / 2011 / Paul
    Iaidô at Japan Expo 2011                                   Aikidô at Japan Expo 2011      

From Kendô to Ninjutsu, Aikidô, Chanbara, or Karate, a large range of disciplines are proposed by the festival on a 2,000 m² area which is entirely dedicated. The audience can have a look at breath-taking demonstrations and also get initiations.

© TAKO Presse / 2011 / Paul
Vovinam Viet Vo Dao at Japan Expo 2011

In 2010, the attendees had the opportunity to try Kyûdo, traditional Japanese archery, for the very first time at Japan Expo.

© TAKO Presse / 2011 / Kamel

 © TAKO Presse / 2011 / Eric



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