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Mansuria Kung-Fu

Published on 03/06/2010 - Edition

Because Japan Expo is also opened to Asia outside Japan, the Mansuria Kung-fu French Federation will be there to introduce you to this Chinese art!

The Mansuria Kung-fu French Federation welcomes you during four days, to initiate you to self-defense techniques, feet and fists techniques and weapon techniques with the best French specialists!

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Thanks to the efforts of the federation, Mansuria Kung-fu is growing rapidly in France and has already bred champions in almost every style. Based on the teaching of 12 hand-to-hand combat styles and 35 weapons masteries, this traditional martial art combines fluidity, precision and power, making it a complete and effective art!

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Guaranteed sensation: breaking, self-defense,
hand-to-hand and weapon combat demonstrations.

The international Grand Master R. Sheckar honors us with his presence. The federation invites him and his best students, directly from India, to display a complete and exceptional demonstration on Sunday afternoon. This surely is a non-to-be-missed and incredible event!

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More information about the Mansuria Kung-fu French Federation on their website!

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