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Published on 18/06/2011 - Edition 2011

Martial arts always have pride of place at Japan Expo and the festival does not break with this tradition. But added to Kendô, Jûdô, Karate, Aikidô… you can also discover Kyûdô this year, Japanese archery!

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Coming from medieval Japan, Kyûdô has two origins. It finds its roots in Samurai war techniques and in traditional rituals (religious or not) in which the bow is symbolic.

Kyûdô is "the Way of the Bow" or the art of traditional Japanese archery. This discipline is probably the most emblematic of the true essence of martial arts, which does not aim at the victory over the opponent but over oneself. Practicing Kyûdô helps to develop human qualities, character strength, the knowledge of oneself and respect for others.

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Today Kyûdô is getting more and more popular in Europe and the USA but fashion has no hold over this deeply traditional discipline and the Japanese martial way of thinking.

The Fédération de Kyûdô Traditionnel - FFKT (Traditional Kyûdô French Federation - FFKT) presents this martial art through demonstrations and initiations!


More information on the website of the Fédération de Kyûdô Traditionnel - FFKT

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