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Kids’ area

Published on 25/06/2011 - Edition 2011

Japan Expo proposes this year an area entirely dedicated to kids, with loads of activities organized by nobi nobi !, Unesco and TMS, just for them!

On more than 100 m², the kids’ area welcomes children between 3 and 7 with many activities, projections and gifts! There is also a nursery.

Attention, the kids’ area is not a babysitting area.




nobi nobi ! organizes Origami workshops for children and lets them discover this ancient art, starting with the simplest figures and ending up with the classic crane, the bird of Peace.

Koinobori workshops are also planned: children can make and color small Koinobori (sort of carp-shaped flags) made of paper, which are the symbol of children’s day in Japan.

Still with nobi nobi !, there’ll be Kamishibai sessions, to read traditional Japanese tales, as well as coloring.

nobi nobi ! also has a booth where their authors sign their books everyday, and huge drawing lots take place everyday to win loads of gifts, among which a big original color drawing by Shiitake!


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The campaign Kizuna is organized by Unesco to allow school pupils from all over the world to support Japanese children who have suffered from the March 11 catastrophes by making them write hope messages. The kids at Japan Expo can take part in this action on the kids’ area and write messages too.

More information about Kizuna


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As for TMS, they propose Japanese Anime projections: MameUshi, Mini MooMoo, Shizuku or the very popular Hamtaro. Colored pictures of the characters of these series are planned, as well as a magnetic dart game, with Mamegoma and Mini MooMoo gifts to win.


The Kawaii mascots of Japan Expo are also taking part, with a pannel allowing the children to take pictures of themselves, and colored pictures of the characters.


In partnership with nobi nobi !, Unesco and TMS