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Published on 07/04/2011 - Edition 2011

The ASPTT Orléans Karate and the Karate French Federation are back at Japan Expo and to see as many of you as last year for initiations to traditional Karate, Body-Karate or acrobatic martial arts!

Faithful to Japan Expo for many years, the ASPTT Orléans Karate is associated on the Tatami to the Karate French Federation for initiations and activities. Last year, many of you joined them to try traditional Karate, Body Karate and acrobatic martial arts and left delighted.


ASPTT Orléans Karate & Karate French Federation


The ASPTT Orléans Karate is famous for its actions to develop Karate for organizing training sessions with the world champions, Jessica and Sabrina BUIL, and for organizing the OPEN ORLEANS ASPTT, a Kata competition in which the best French of the discipline challenge each other.


Traditional Karate


For the second time, the Karate French Federation comes to represent traditional Karate at Japan Expo!

Karate-dô is a body fighting art. It is made of offensive and defensive techniques using every part of the body. , the way to knowledge, teaches us the right behavior towards one’s training partner, but also towards oneself.

It comes from practices used in the Far East and in Zen bouddhism. Many schools, with their specificities are today represented on the five continents and practiced by millions people in the world. On the French territories, they are united in the Karate French Federation.


Acrobatic martial arts


Acrobatic martial arts are above all a show. This discipline is present in movies, musicals, shows, video clips or ads. This sport is made of impressive movements from traditional martial arts but also gymnastic, capoeira, hip-hop, etc.

It is a sport both extreme, thanks to the sensations it gives, and martial since the acrobatics can be used in Kata for competitions and demonstrations. On the other hand, acrobatic martial arts also belong to dancing since music is important to stimulate and to choreograph and synchronize movements.

The ASPTT Orléans Karate, and especially the GET TRICKS team, is the only artistic Karate team of the Karate French Federation.


Body Karate


Body Karate is a new concept bringing together Karate techniques and aerobic choreographies. These coordinated and synchronized movements follow the music and aim at keeping fit. This practice allows to work on sequences like those used when fighting.

It also allows to show this discipline to beginners. Indeed Body Karate allows to initiate to the many techniques of this art.


Discover all these disciplines during demonstrations and initiations at Japan Expo

and on the websites of the Karate French Federation
and the ASPTT Orléans de Karate

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