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Published on 11/06/2011 - Edition 2011

Come and discover the Land of the Rising Sun, test your knowledge and have fun with Kaerizaki!

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Created in 2006 by young fans of Manga, Japanese animation and video games, the association Kaerizaki aims at promoting Japanese culture, offering entertainment for the public in connection with the Japanese world.

Kaerizaki takes part in activities in various conventions and festivals and organizes many summer events including video games, card games and quizzes in some bookstores.




Kaerizaki is happy to offer a wide range of activities during the entire festival. Quizzes of all kinds, games on booth or on stage, video games animations... there will be for all the tastes:

© All rights reserved

  • Crosswords in pictures: A crossword puzzle to fill with images as a definition
  • What what: Guess with what a character, place or object thinks the presenter of the game by asking him questions
  • Give me your place: Try to take the place of a member of Kaerizaki on his throne
  • The 3 indices: Find the name of an object, character or place, thanks to the 3 clues. Beware of traps!

For the first time, Kaerizaki organizes a special game on the activity area, not to be missed, under any circumstance!


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