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h.NAOTO: fashion show and conference

Published on 12/04/2011 - Edition 2011

In the forefront if fashion, Japan Expo welcomes an essential character of the gothic-lolita trend, designer h.NAOTO, his real name being Naoto HIROOKA, the fashion guest of honor of the festival!

h.NAOTO takes part in the Japan Fashion Days
with a show, a conference and signing sessions.
Bonus: a showcase by HANGRY&ANGRY during the fashion show!!

More information about dates and times soon.


© All rights reserved The gothic-lolita trend, a movement that has become international in the 2000s, is at the heart of h.NAOTO’s style. The designer mingled in his creations trends from the Otaku culture, gothic-lolita, punk, Visual Kei, Cosplay or Anime, and gives them a top place in the world of fashion. This revolutionary brand has transformed usual fashion by bringing into it costume-like fashion.


More information
about h.NAOTO on this page



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