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Haunted house

Published on 26/05/2011 - Edition 2011

Want to give yourself a fright?! You feel weirdly attracted to supernatural?! When you’ll be walking past the threshold of ENGI CAFE’s haunted house, feel free to get in… and look horror straight in the eyes.

The Haunted house at Japan Expo Sud byJapanExpoTV


The association


Different dreams but a common passion: that’s why a few friends decided to create ENGI CAFE and set their imagination and creativity free.

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Why ENGI CAFE? This name has been chosen as a symbol for the link between them. ENGI (縁起) is a buddhist doctrine which highlights the importance of each and every element in a whole and so of each and every member within the association.

Give yourself a fright…


© All rights reserved

ENGI CAFE proposes a contemporary approach to the Japanese lifestyle. And to achieve that, they are ready to freak you out…
For this 12th edition, ENGI CAFÉ’s group presents a new version of the Japanese haunted house!! They are going even further in Japanese culture and propose a Yokai hunt. Yokai are anything supernatural: ghosts, wraiths, spirits, devils… well everything to give you the willies!

Don’t get late to enter this house… it’s going to be crowded!!

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