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Published on 14/04/2011 - Edition 2011

The Go French Federation is back at Japan Expo to present one of the most popular traditional games in Japan. Why not have a try?

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There’ll be Go at Japan Expo thanks to the Go French Federation. This game, imported in 735 from China, has been played in Japan for 1200 years and recently got to the Western world. You can learn its simple rules within a few minutes and beginners can quickly play interesting parties.

The purpose of the game is just as easy: build the widest territory. Go is played on a squared board called Goban with counters called stones. Everyone at his/her turn, the players play a stone on the Goban trying not to get surrounded by the opponent’s stones and to capture as much as possible of them.


© All rights reserved


There are currently about 11 millions players
in Japon… Why not you?


Go French Federation's official website