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Ganbare Japan!: the action goes on

Published on 27/06/2011 - Edition 2011

Ganbare Japan! support actions go on at Japan Expo, with an exhibition, the story of those who were there, a round-table conference, a Tanabata and a booth to increase public awareness and gather funds.


Ganbare Japan! exhibition


The exhibition is made of illustrations by French and Japanese artists, and of pictures of Tôhoku before the events, carrying a message of hope for reconstruction. The photos are given by the Transportation Bureau of Tôhoku.

The French artists of the exhibition also take part in the initiative Tsunami by Café Salé. The following exhibit their works at Japan Expo:

  • Clément LEFÈVRE
  • FLAB
  • Jaime POSADAS
  • Hiroyuki OOSHIMA
  • MAKO
  • MYEV
  • Nicolas DELORT
  • Thomas BERTHELON

Shueisha Japanese artists also show their support:

  • Eiichiro ODA (One Piece)
  • Masashi KISHIMOTO (Naruto)
  • Akira TORIYAMA (Dragon Ball)
  • Akihisa IKEDA (Rosario, Vampire)
  • OGATA & OBA (Bakuman)
  • Hiroyuki ASADA (Letter Bee)
  • Norihiro YAGI (Claymore)
  • Saki HASEMI & Kentaro YABUKI (To Love-ru Darkness)

A "Ganbare Japan! wall" allows everyone to leave support messages. The attendees can also watch projections, sponsored by SONY and Euro Japan Crossing.


Account of the voluntary work after


© All rights reserved On March 11, 2011, Tôhoku was hit by a terrible earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami. Yasushi ICHIMURA lives in Tôkyô. Three days after the events, he made an appeal (among which many hip-hop people) and decided to go in the field to bring help to the rescuers on site.

Yasuaki ICHIMURA comes and tells about his experience, accompanied by rapper NYCCA. They tell you more about the catastrophe and the way they experienced it and give you information about the current situation. That's also an opportunity to know how to help them, other than by donating money.


Round-table conference


Subjects such as the circulation of information between France and Japan, and the way NGOs organize to bring help to Tôhoku will be tackled. The following people take part in the conference:

  • Claude YOSHIZAWA 
  • Jean-David MORVAN 
  • Frédéric TOUTLEMONDE 
  • M. Korehito MASUDA 


Tanabata with Tengumi


A Tabanata (Japanes) is organized by Tengumi, during which people can write "wishes for Japan" as in the tradition. 


Kizuna project


The campaign Kizuna is organized by Unesco to allow school pupils from all over the world to support Japanese children who have suffered from the March 11 catastrophes by making them write hope messages. The kids at Japan Expo can take part in this action on the kids’ area and write messages too.

More information about Kizuna

© All rights reserved © All rights reserved


Ganbare Japan! booth


In partnership with Café Salé, Paris Komatchi and Samurai no Kokoro, Ganbare Japan! booth increase people's awareness of the current situation. Magnitude 9 is sold in preview, traditional costumes can be tried on and money can be donated.

More about Ganbare Japan!

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