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Ganbalo Nippon & The Orchestra in Hot Air Balloon

Published on 28/06/2011 - Edition 2011

The project Ganbalo Nippon is at Japan Expo on Thursday, June 30 for a presentation in the conference room. Michiru OSHIMA is taking part in it too and a projection is planned.


Ganbalo Nippon


Ganbalo Nippon is a support program for the March 11 victims. Ganbalo is a Japanese word meaning "Hold out!".

At Japan Expo, Ganbalo Nippon's actions are presented during a conference. The short movie The Orchestra in Hot Air Balloon by Kazunori KURIMOTO is also showed. The music is by Michiru OSHIMA who also attends the conference.


The Orchestra in Hot Air Balloon


A game is proposed: find a name for the cat!

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