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Galerie Métanoïa

Published on 26/04/2012 - Edition 2012

The Métanoïa Gallery is back at Japan Expo to propose a retrospective dedicated to the Mangaka Yusuke AOYAGI and some of his son’s work, Ryodo YOSHITOMO who is at the festival!

Come and meet the artist Ryodo YOSHITOMO

Don’t miss the exhibition dedicated to Yusuke AOYAGI
and the drawing workshops


The gallery


Set in Paris, the Métanoïa gallery exhibits contemporary art works, many of which are inspired by the East. For their second time at Japan Expo, an exhibition of Yusuke AOYAGI’s works and Ryodo YOSHITOMO’s is proposed. The latter is present at the festival to meet you on their booth.

You can also attend a drawing workshop on the booth of the Métanoïa gallery.



Yusuke AOYAGI: retrospective



The exhibition is a retrospective of the work of the Mangaka Yusuke AOYAGI (1944-2001) to which are added works by his son, Ryodo YOSHITOMO. For the event, he is coming to Paris to take part in Japan Expo.

Yusuke AOYAGI is the author of many Manga, famous in Japan for having been adapted as movies (Tosa no ippon zuri) or for TV (Haru-Chan). He lived all his life in the region of Tosa and found inspiration in the traditional local life, especially fishermen’s. He is the only Mangaka in Japan to have a stone statue, in Nagatosa.





Born in 1968, Ryodo YOSHITOMO, Yusuke AOYAGI’s son, is a writer and artist, but also a musician and composer. He first continued his father’s work, with several books following a saga his father had started. Since then, he published dozens of artworks and has released two music albums.

In November 2011, he was the main organizer of a Manga festival in Kochi, a city which is often called Manga Kingdom because of the many Mangaka who were born there.



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