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Published on 28/04/2011 - Edition 2011

Sarah “Elfepeintre” proposes painting workshop to share with you a way of painting in a relaxing way, travelling through the enchanted worlds she loves.

© Elfepeintre




Sarah “Elfepeintre”, an art student since 2005, has been drawing for about 10 years, mainly enchanted worlds pervaded with Celtic and Asian influences.

Sarah “Elfepeintre” proposes to present a new way of painting and creating through a “bodily approach”. This method allows, thanks to meditation and Asian teaching-based relaxing techniques, to be more creative and to get closer to the subject.

With ink or gouache, this allows to work randomly: leaving the element “water” control the work of the ink. The approach is mainly based on mandala (buddhist representation of the world, the square representing the Earth, and the circle the Sky).

This technique allows to relax and get rid of stress and Sarah “Elfepeintre” is going to share it with you.


© Elfepeintre




Sarah “Elfepeintre” leads free workshops during the festival. To take part in them, book by e-mail at elfepeintre@hotmail.fr.

Two workshops lasting about one hour and a half are organized everyday during the whole festival, at 11.00 am and 3.00 pm.

  • The morning workshop (11.00 am) is dedicated to ink tao, a painting technique based on releasing the mind and letting go. The themes will be the tree and landscape.
  • The second workshop (3.00 pm) is dedicated to mandala, based on releasing the mind too. It’s about trusting the water and discovering what the ink creates. The work is done like a traditional mandala, on a square with a circle in the middle.

For both techniques, you wet the paper and drop ink. Everyone interprets the result according to their own emotions; these are very interesting techniques for meditation and relaxation.


Sarah “Elfepeintre” is at Japan Expo
on booth Z004 and on her blog.