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DDR Belgium

Published on 10/06/2011 - Edition 2011

DDR Belgium is back to make you sweat on the dance pad! Come with your friends and wiggle with your hips on crazy songs. And if you dare, you will be able to compete with the best players of this musical game, now inescapable on the festival!

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DDR Belgium is a Belgian association who wants to promote DDR to the public by organizing tournaments and taking part to different events like Japan Expo. Meet these enthusiastic people on their booth for amazing games of DDR!


For people who are not familiar with DDR yet…


Dance Dance Revolution, DDR for short, is a video game introduced for the first time in Japan in 1998 by Konami (composed and produced by Naoki MAEDA). This arcade game is a bit special - you use your feet to play the game!

A DDR player needs a dance mat or pad if he wants to play this game. There you will find four arrows: left, down, up, right. At the beginning of a song, the player can see on the screen four stationary white arrows, which blink to the rhythm of the song played.

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After few instants, he can see colored arrows coming up the screen. When a colored arrow is just over the white arrow the player has to use his leg to confirm that arrow on the pad.

This year Japan Expo will compete the best current DDR players. These players’ speed and style should take your breath away!


DDR Belgium's official website

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