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Cultural stage

Published on 03/03/2011 - Edition 2011

The cultural stage of Japan Expo is the ideal place to discover some of the aspects of Japanese traditional cultures. Its rich program allows the audience to discover several aspects thanks to concerts, performances and conferences.

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Kamishibai theatre performance at Japan Expo

Fans of pop cultures have always been fascinated by traditional cultures, from Japan and elsewhere. The cultural stage allows Japan to unveil its beauty non-stop for four days. You can attend performances such as Kimono or martial arts demonstrations, conferences, tea ceremony and much more.

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Conference and
Kimono demonstration at Japan Expo

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Green tea presentation byTamayura at Japan Expo

Among those events, music has an important position and never fails to be cheered by the audience. This kind of musical performances is rare but they are well received at the festival, as the expression of Japanese culture and attendees can enjoy them free of extra charges. Minyô, Taiko, Koto, Shamisen concerts but also more exceptional instruments such as Sanshin: there are many occasions to discover this other side of Japan.

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Minyô concert at Japan Expo

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Sanshin, Shamisen and Taiko concerts at Japan Expo

Japan Expo offers a unique opportunity to meet Japanese artists and fans of Japan whose only purpose is to show the most authentic aspects of Japanese culture, which is often even richer than we imagine.

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Iaidô demonstration at Japan Expo

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