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Cosplay Shows

Published on 20/03/2012 - Edition 2012

Cosplay Shows, the true and only one, with no specific theme or any Zombies attack, are back at Japan Expo!


Registrations are closed.

Any question? Feel free to contact
the Cosplay team via the CosplayForum.


Cosplay Shows at Japan Expo


Thursday, July 5, 2012 - 1.00 pm
Main stage

          Captain Harlock                                                                      Hildegarde (SoulCalibur V)
© Nicolas Gavet


Individual Costume : SoulCalibur V - Hildegarde
Individual Performance : Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Magneto
Group Costumes : Captain Harlock
Group Performance : Saint Seiya Athena and Pandora

© Nicolas Gavet

Prize favorite : Ah My Goddess ! - Belldandy
: Zelda Twilight Princess - Darknut
Personal creation
: Asrani

Friday, July 6, 2012 - 1.00 pm
Main stage

On Friday, a special prize is given by the magazine COSMODE: more information on this page.



Maggi's Harem                        Warmachine


Individual Costume : Warmachine
Individual Performance : Princess Tutu
: Maggi's Harem

© Nicolas Gavet
Princess Tutu

Prize favorite : Princess Mononoke
Forge : Mass Effect 3


Organized by EPIC


With time, Cosplay has become one of the most popular events at Japan Expo. In this regard, there are more and more Cosplay events to allow attendees to have a good insight of this eternal Japanese fashion. Cosplay Shows highlight the best French participants who compete on an amazingly large stage: close to 15,000 attendees cheering the event and conveying a unique atmosphere to the shows!

Yet you don’t have to enter the competition to have a go at Cosplay in a spirit of friendship. In the festival alleys, thousands of fans feel free to dress up as their favorite heroes or artists (Manga, Anime, films, video games and even J-Music)! Japan Expo is a show at all time!

Because Cosplay is such a can’t-miss, wonderful, heady, unifying event and so much fun, Japan Expo is the first event in the world to offer a whole stage entirely dedicated to this activity, where everyone can parade, without competing or registering, in short free as the wind… the gentle wind of Cosplay in the summer!


Photos © Damien BOREL www.boblastic.com;
TAKO Presse / 2011 / Eric, Sylvie


Meet the Guest

  • Cosplay Show Thursday 05 July, 13h00-14h30, Main stage
    Solo, groups and original creations
  • Cosplay Show Friday 06 July, 13h00-14h00, Main stage
    Solo, groups and original creations