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Bushido Impact

Published on 14/06/2010 - Edition

The specialists in console video game tournaments of the Bushido Impact association invite you again this year on their booth at Japan Expo 11th impact!



The Bushido Impact association aims at promoting video games through the tournaments it organizes or the events in which it takes part, like Japan Expo. The association got its name from the Japanese word Bushidô which means "the way of the warrior". Bushidô is made of seven virtues the warrior has to respect: honesty, courage, goodwill, politeness, sincerity, honor and loyalty.

A program that applies to gamers!

Bushido Impact Bushido 

 Bushido Impact

This year at Japan Expo, the whole team of the association is expecting you on their booth to bring together video gmae fans, to challenge the best players but also just to have fun, whatever you age!

Many tournaments are organized with games as famous as Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter IV, SoulCalibur IV… Challenges are planned with the best gamers of the association!

Of course there will be freeplay on all these games.


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