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Artistic envelopes

Published on 23/03/2012 - Edition 2012

Your favorite contest is back this year to offer you free tickets to Japan Expo 13th Impact! You’ve got 3 months and 4 chances to win the contest by sending your greatest envelopes!

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For those who haven’t heard about it, the artistic envelopes contest allows you to make the most of your creative skills to win free tickets to Japan Expo. Show all your talent and your ingenuity to make wonderful envelopes and send it to us. You may be given a place amongst the winners! There are three winners for each session, so give it a try!




The rules of the contest are simple! Just send us an envelope you decorated your way (drawing, sticking, using fabric, pearls, painting…).

Subject: A trip to Japan

For the special session, the envelope must include at least one character from Japan Expo (Chibi Dino, the Geisha, the Samurai, the school girl). But there will be only one winner for this session!

You have to decorate the face of the envelope (where the stamp and the address are). Set your imagination free: stick, draw, paint, use fabric… Originality will be rewarded! The envelope must include the address of the contest and a stamp, and will be sent as such (don’t put your envelope in another envelope).

Any format is accepted (handmade, standard) as long as it is an envelope!

Mail participation
Send your work to the following address:

Japan Expo
Concours d'enveloppes artistiques
14 place Georges POMPIDOU
93160 Noisy-le-Grand – France

Don’t forget to include a note inside the envelope with your family name, first name, age, e-mail address and mail address!

4 sessions are organized between March 23th and June 7th 2012:

1. from March 23th to April 12th
2. special Japan Expo session from April 13th to 26th
3. from April 27th to May 17th
4. from May 18th to June 7th

End of the contest
The envelopes sent after May 31th, 2012, considering the postmark, won’t be considered part the contest.

Prize and prizegiving
The three winners of each session win a free ticket for one day at Japan Expo 2012 (on Thursday, Friday or Sunday), sent by mail after the end of the contest, plus a surprise reward which will wait for them at the Point Concours (Contest Desk).

Special prize

At the end of the contest, we will choose a special winner among all the envelopes of the four sessions. This winner wins 2 free tickets plus a BIG surprise reward!

Good luck to everyone!



winners of the first session



Eloïse BRUNNER, 25 y. o.

Mytram NGUYEN, 17 y. o.

Lucie BROUILLAGUET, 20 y. o.


winners of the second session (special Japan Expo)



Elodie SPONTON, 22 y.o.

Angélique BARRAT, 27 y.o.

Charles BELLOIN, 13 y.o.


winners of the third session



Clémence DE GOUVILLE, 24 years old

Aurélie DESBOS, 33 years old


winners of the fourth session


Sabrina SCHMITT, 28 years old

Marine BODIN

Camille FROT, 14 years old


special prize


Pop-up envelope by Céline LAM, 29 years old


frequently asked questions

Q.: I’m afraid my envelope might get damaged during the trip. I’m going to send it inside another envelope, what do you think?
A.: You see, there’s a rule forbidding this. The envelope must be sent as such. You may write a nice note to the postman to ask him to take great care of it.

Q.: I bought a ticket to the festival. Can I give my ticket to a friend if I win?
A.: Of course, your name is not on the ticket.

Q.: Can I send several envelopes?
A.: You can send one envelope per session. Pay attention to the dates.

Q.: Can I use computer tools?
A.: Yes, you may use whatever techniques you like, it just has to be done on an envelope which we receive by mail.

Q.: Can I draw on a sheet that I then stick on the enveloppe?
A.: No, you have to draw on the envelope.

Q.: Sticking is allowed so I can draw something on a sheet and then stick it on the envelope, that could be what you mean by sticking?
A.: No, by sticking we mean sticking decorative material (sequin, fabric, pearls…).

Q.: Can I reproduce some drawing?
A.: Yes. It is the originality of the whole envelope which is rewarded.

Q.: Can I make my own envelope?
A.: Yeah, sure!

Q.: Is the envelope necessarily made of paper or can I make some kind of patchwork with different materials (as far as it has the shape and the consistence of a paper envelope)?
A.: Let your imagination free, you can create the envelope.

Q.: Do I have to decorate the back of the envelope?
A.: You don’t have to but you can.

Q.: Is the back of the envelope considered if it is decorated?
A.: We consider the whole work but mostly the front side.

Q.: When are the results given?
A.: Usually about a week after the end of the session.