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Published on 11/04/2012 - Edition 2012

Nothing is better than the relaxing atmosphere of traditional Japan during a day at Japan Expo: discover Anma well-being techniques in the hands of the Ecole Touch Line!

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The Ecole Touch Line is the European leader of Anma sitted relaxation techniques which is based upon the traditional art of acupressure, born in Japan 1300 years ago. It was founded by Tony NEUMAN who has been teaching in Europe and in the USA for 15 years.

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A sitted massage relaxation session is made of highly choreographed session called Kata which are very efficient and demand few efforts. This method works on the shoulders, back, neck, hips, arms, hands and head through the clothes.

It may be applied anytime, anywhere and to anyone. It is particularly recommended to make the energy run through the body. Spending a relaxing time according to this modern technique gives more energy, vitality and gives a very agreeable relaxing sensation.

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