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Published on 12/04/2012 - Edition 2012

From Manga to science fiction, every virtual characters become models and papercraft in the hands of the passionate members of Anigetter! Demonstrations, intoductions and exhibition on their booth!

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Anigetter is a French association from Orleans. It aims at promoting and sharing their passion for models, whether in paper, plastic, wood or other materials.

Their creations are inspired from many universes, such as Manga, Anime, video games, science fiction and much more.

During the festival, Anigetter proposes an exhibition of papercraft, garage kit (painted resin figurines) and plamo (various models of mecha, robots, spaceships and other vehicles), but also demonstration sessions!

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The exhibition


The main attraction of their booth, the exhibition, presents three kinds of creations:

  • papercraft: characters, spaceships, planes, Mecha, buildings…
  • plastic models and resin figurines from Manga, Anime, video games and science fiction
  • personal and original creations on various media inspired from japanimation

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Demonstrations and introduction


During the four days of the festival, Anigetter is glad to propose modeling demonstrations of papercraft, and model and figurine painting.

These are live demonstrations, in front of the public, by passionate people who explain their talent all day long! An opportunity to see that modeling is not that complicated and without limit.

You can also take part in introduction sessions to papercraft. You will leave the stand with your own model and a recognized papercraft skill!

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ANIGetter wants to share special moments with the public through their activities at Japan Expo, to make them discover their passion for modeling, painting… and creation!