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Published on 05/04/2012 - Edition 2012

The FFAAA, the Aikidô and Aikibudô French Federation, is at Japan Expo during four days for breath-taking demonstrations and initiations for the bravest!

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The FFAAA is going to make the Tatami vibrate under the loud falls of the practitioners. The Dôjô is full of concentration and a friendly mood.

Beginners and experts train together, everyone learning from the others as, in Aikidô, the elder follow the beginner in discovering this art as well as the apprentice takes part in the progress of the elder.

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The aim of Aikidô


Aikidô is a martial way, a Budô according to the Japanese expression. Its ideal is to bring together and reconcile people, every time they are about to fight. The martial techniques which were at first hard and violent have become soft and refined by following the principles of the circle and the spiral which characterize Akidô.

Yet, circle movements have not been created only to make Aikidô a refined art or a passive defensive art. The avowed objective was positive and agressive: master the strength of the adversary.

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Five essential questions at the source of Aikidô


Aikidô was born from the need of answering questions such as:

  • What can I do if I’m facing an adversary who is physically stronger than I am?
  • How can I beat an adversary without using any weapon? … without using gratuitous acts of violence or psychologic manipulation and while abiding by the spirit of the Budô?
  • What is the most rational type of submission?
  • How to protect oneself from an adversary who is taller, stronger and more experienced?


More information about the FFAAA and USV Aïkido


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