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A Tribute to Satoshi Kon

Published on 06/04/2011 - Edition 2011

To pay a tribute to the master of animated dreams whose untimely death occurred last year, Japan Expo asked to about forty French artists to illustrate the memory of Satoshi KON.

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"With my heart full of gratitude for everything good in the world, I'll put my pen down. Now excuse me, I have to go." Satoshi KON left with these words, in a last letter published on the Internet by his wife after his death.

Japan Expo pays a tribute to the artist, by letting French artists express through their art all the affection they had for the master.

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Short biography

© All rights reserved Satoshi KON made himself known as an animation director in 1997 with Perfect Blue, a feature film which was a revelation for many people when it was released. Then came the films Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, as well as the series Paranoia Agent. So many works which showed the perfection of the image and of directing achieved by this artist who started his career as a Mangaka.

On August 24, 2010, Satoshi KON passed away, at 46 years old. A brutal death which left a huge gap in the hearts and dreams of all his fans. Suffering from pancreas cancer, he had chosen not to talk about his illness, going on working until the end on his last film Yume-Miru Kikai, which will be finished soon by the studio Madhouse.


Discover at Japan Expo the works of the French artists who illustrated the memory of the artist through the exhibition A Tribute to Satoshi Kon.


The artists


  • Alexandre Ulmann
    Animator / Storyboarder (Basquash, Casshern Sins, Wakfu...).
  • Aurélien Prédal
    Animator / Designer / Illustrator (9, Un Monstre à Paris, visual creation for music album Dr Tom...).
  • Balak
    Animator / Storyboarder / Comics artist.
  • Bambin
    Animator (Wakfu/Ogrest, Gegege no Kitaro, Lupin ...).
  • Barth Maunoury
    Animator (Harry Potter, Un Monstre à Paris, Tintin...) / Illustrator.
  • Bastien Vivès
    Comics artist (Le Goût du Chlore, Elle(s), Hollywood Jan, Dans mes yeux, Pour l'Empire, Polina...).
  • Ben Fiquet
    Animator / Comics artist (Powa).
  • Bengal
    Illustrator / Comics artist (Meka, Naja...). Co-founder of the website Café Salé.
  • Bertrand Piocelle
    Animator / Decorator (Basquash, Le Chat du Rabbin, Aya de Yopougon...).
  • Chloé Cruchaudet
    Animator (Avez-vous déjà vu?) and comics artist (Groenland-Manhattan, Ida).
  • Dara
    Comics artist (Appartement 44).
  • Fabien Bedouel
    Comics artist (Un long destin de sang).
  • Fafah Togora
    Director / Animator / Storyboarder (Wakfu).
  • Gabriel Jolly Monge
    Decorator / Graphic development (Titeuf the movie).
  • Gate
    Illustrator / Graphic artist for Aesia (Lucha Fury...).
  • Gilles Cuvelier
    Director (Chahut, Love Patate...).
  • Jellycat
    Illustrator and art teacher.
  • Jordi Guardiola
    Designer / Decorator (Ankama).
  • Julien Le Rolland
    Animator / Layout man (Lascars the movie).
  • Kerascoët
    Marie Pommepuy and Sebastien Cosset are a couple of comics artist (Miss Pas Touche, Jolies Ténèbres, Beauté ...) who also work in animation (Petit Vampire, Majorettes! ...).
  • Kiri
    Comics artist (Lord of Burger, Mytho, HBGD...).
  • Kosal Sok
    Supervisor FX (Ankama).
  • Kuri
    Animator / Illustrator / Character designer / Storyboarder.
  • Marguerite Sauvage
    Illustrator (Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour US, Flaunt ...) and designer (among others, for Mr Loutre on channel France 3).
  • Marietta Ren
    Animator / Storyboarder (Ernest & Célestine, Sally Bollywood, Wakfu...) and illustrator (Je suis deux, Ankama Éditions).
  • Maya Mihindou
    Illustrator (Sabine for éditions Soleil - and other works published by Les Grands Arbres).
  • Merwan Chabane
    Director (Biotope, Clichés de Soirée) / Comics artist (Fausse Garde, L'Or et le Sang, Pour l'Empire...).
  • Michaël Armellino
    Director (Co2) / Animator (Azur et Asmar, Le Chat du Rabbin, Avez-vous déjà vu?, Monsieur Bébé...).
  • Michael Sanlaville
    Storyboarder (Babylon A.D, Coco...) / Comics artist (Rocher Rouge, Hollywood Jan).
  • Michel "Mitch" Pecqueur
    Animator / Supervisor 3D (Lascars le film, Chasseurs de Dragons, pilote de Molly Star Racer...).
  • Morja
    Designer (Aardman) / Comics artist (Malice & Catastrophe).
  • Nephyla
    Illustrator / Comics artist (Geek & Girly).
  • Nicolas Nemiri
    Comics artist (Je suis morte, Hyper l'Hippo, Annie Zoo).
  • Noon
    Animator / Layout (Basquash, Wakfu ...).
  • Raf
    Comics artist (Debaser).
  • Seï Riondet
    Character designer (Ernest et Célestine le film...) / Storyboarder / Comics artist.
  • Vinhnyu
  • Winny
    Storyboarder (Ankama).
  • Yann Le Gall
    Animator / Decorator (Lascars le film, Basquash, Air Gear...).


This exhibition has been made in collaboration with Marc AGUESSE, in charge of the website Catsuka and of the TV show bearing the same name on the French channel Nolife.


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