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Your favorite worlds as models

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Published on 31/03/2011 - Edition 2011

Creatures and vehicles from any universe are displayed on the booth of ANIGetter!! From Manga to science fiction, everything becomes models and papercrafts in the hands of these fans who expect no one but you.

© All rights reserved The members of the association ANIGetter share with you their talent and knowledge during demonstrations to let you become experts in modeling!

Paper, plastic, wood or other materials, their creations are inspired from many genres, from Manga, to animation, video games or science fiction.

At Japan Expo, ANIGetter also proposes an exhibition of its most impressive models!


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pico, 23 years
pico, 23 years
Published on 09/04/2011 à 21:38
Kiki-chan, 27 years, WALLERS
Kiki-chan, 27 years, WALLERS
Pas mal, j'ai hâte de voir ça !
Published on 06/04/2011 à 9:15
Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
Je trouve le papercraft vraiment sympa ^^ J'ai un ami qui en fait, certain il les réalise de A à Z, et je dois dire que le rendu et vraiment super ;).
Published on 02/04/2011 à 1:58

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