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You're fan of Cosplay? You can register soon…

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Published on 26/05/2012 - Edition 2012

You're in the middle of preparing your costume and can't wait anymore for the registration dates to the Cosplay Shows… Your ordeal is coming to an end: it's coming soon!!

Take your best costume, the most original, the cutest one or the most impressive! Cosplay Shows will take place on Thursday and Friday at Japan Expo. Cosplayers and fans of breath-taking shows: save the date...

Second most important piece of information: registrations to Cosplay Shows are opening soon…They start on Friday, June 8 at 9.00 pm.

To register, go to the CosplayForum where you can find all the information about the registration rules and about the contests. And if you have more questions, feel free to ask them at this address.


Register on the CosplayForum


Cosplay managed by EPIC


Photo © Flexgraph


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miniaiji, 18 years, saint simon
miniaiji, 18 years, saint simon
j'irais voir tout sa
Published on 25/06/2012 à 12:29
TsunayoshiSawada, 16 years, Maintenay
TsunayoshiSawada, 16 years, Maintenay
J'irai voir les autres sans participer :D
Published on 10/06/2012 à 17:12
Mu-chan, Gourin
Mu-chan, Gourin
J'ai hâte de voir tout ça !
Published on 02/06/2012 à 14:28

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