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Win tickets for Iruma Rioka’s live concert in Marseille!!

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Published on 11/03/2011 - Edition 2011

Soundlicious, in partnership with Japan Expo, offers you to win tickets for the live concert of Iruma Rioka, the gothic Lolita with an enchanting voice!

© All rights reserved Discover this young artist whose universe is both strange and extraordinary and who is full of talent: Iruma Rioka is about to enchant the audience on April 22 in Paris and April 23 in Marseille.

And today Soundlicious allows you to get tickets for the concert in Marseille!!! 3 packs of 2 tickets will be offered. The contest takes place from March 11 to 18.

To get tickets, it’s easy: just answer three questions… And if you need help, have a look at Soundlicious’s website!! Within one week, the 3 winners will be drawn among the participants!

The questions:

1) What is Iruma Rioka’s style?
a- Gothic Lolita
b- Mori Girl
c- Kogaru

2) When did her career start?
a- 2006
b- 1906
c- 2011

3) What kind of stuffed animal is the third member of the group?
a- a rabbit
b- a bear
c- a firefox

Send your answers to jeu-concours@soundlicious.com


Good luck to all of you!

And get loads of information about Iruma Rioka,
her video clip, her music, etc.
on Soundlicious’s website and on Facebook!

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Siana-chan, 23 years, Lille
Siana-chan, 23 years, Lille
Je pense pas. Il y a certains concerts d'artistes japonais qui sont annulés , mais c'est au Japon même. En France je pense pas que ce soit pareille, les japonais peuvent prendre l'avion sans problème donc normalement c'est okay.
Published on 19/03/2011 à 19:39
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Et avec tout ce qui se passe au japon, ça va pas être annulé ?
Published on 15/03/2011 à 13:41
ementi, 23 years, Mordelles
ementi, 23 years, Mordelles
pff, c'est à Marseille,le trajet sera trop cher, donc je participe pas...
Published on 12/03/2011 à 17:24

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