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Who got the biggest number of clicks?

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Published on 26/04/2012 - Edition 2012

The second session of the banner contest is over since yesterday and the third and last session has already started!

The personal websites which got the greatest numbers of clics are:

And now, let’s go for the third and last session! You can have a look at the rules of the banner contest on this page. Good luck everyone!


Congratulations to the winners

More about the banner contest


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choco, 15 years, Le Blanc-Mesnil
Quand y aura t-il les résultats de la 3ème session ?
Published on 10/06/2012 à 15:30
choco, 15 years, Le Blanc-Mesnil
Quelqu'un sait-il quand on reçoit nos tickets ? Car j'ai contacté Japan Exp mais ils ne m'ont pas répondu. ._.
Published on 06/05/2012 à 14:24
sakyko-chan, 16 years, La chapelle - hermier
sakyko-chan, 16 years, La chapelle - hermier
bravo à tous
Published on 27/04/2012 à 20:29

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