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Vocaloïd presentation with conference and showcase

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Published on 28/06/2011 - Edition 2011

The J.E. Live House hosts a presentation conference of Vocaloïd on stage on Thursday. And even if the hologram is not present, Senya, who gives it her voice, is in showcase!!

© All rights reserved Yuuhei-satellite and Yuuhei-catharsis are the team who compose the songs of Vocaloïd, the vocal synthesis software developped by Yamaha Corporation. Singer Senya’s voice and the singular universe of their sounds, between clubbing and J-pop, meet a huge success by uniting with this program.

Don’t miss the presentation (conference and showcase) on Thursday at the J.E. Live House! Yuuhei-satellite and Yuuhei-catharsis also give a signing session.

More information on this page and a video!


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Lynshan, 25 years, D'huison Longueville
Lynshan, 25 years, D'huison Longueville
zut ! je suis là que vendredi :(
Published on 28/06/2011 à 20:28
Misakii, 19 years
Misakii, 19 years
Ah super =D !
Published on 28/06/2011 à 18:35
Plutis, 36 years
Plutis, 36 years
Quel dommage, il n'y a pas l'hologramme ! :'(
Published on 28/06/2011 à 17:59

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