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Travel in first class: Premium Tickets are on their way with loads of advantages!!

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Published on 25/01/2012 - Edition 2012

There’s news for you this year concerning Premium Tickets! Enjoy the festival thanks to these tickets which come along with many advantages and are now sold to everyone, wherever you’re from!!

Simpler, more flexible, more innovative, new Premium Tickets are packed with advantages.

There’s big news this year for those who don’t live in France: Premium Tickets are sold to everyone, wherever you live, and give you many advantages.

A Premium information desk is welcoming you as a VIP and to answer all your questions during your stay!

This year you’ll also have access to an exclusive checkroom depending on the kind of Premium Ticket you have, to allow you to leave a number of objects and visit the festival freely.

The Platinum lounge freshens up to offer you a real oasis where you can rest and refresh yourself at any time during the festival.

You want more?

On top of the official partners’ gifts, people with Platinum, Gold and Silver Tickets will get even more surprizes. Japan Expo offers you official gifts as souvenirs of this exceptional 13th Impact.

You can also attend the Japan Expo Awards Ceremony which rewards the best Asian works in Manga, animation and video game.

Premium Tickets have even more advantages, depending on what kind of ticket you have: access to the festival before public opening, temporary exit allowed, fast-passes...


Click for more information!!!


Save the date!!!

Platinum Ticket: January 30 at 12.00 am
Gold Ticket: February 5 at 10.00 am
Silver Ticket: February 10 at 4.00 pm
Zen Ticket: February 18 at 6.00 pm

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Persmegas, 31 years, esperaza
Persmegas, 31 years, esperaza
iWizzord> euh, lis attentivement les indications quand tu tentes un billet! Quand un produit est épuisé dans le temps imparti à sa vente, tu ne peux pas l'obtenir! Par contre, avec les argent tu aurais pu avoir un or, car ils en restaient, et c'est la première fois que j'ai vu ça!! OO Sinon, je me demande si quelqu'un responsable des ventes a vu qu'il y a un méga bug: les billets zen sont toujours dispo!!!!!
Published on 20/02/2012 à 19:06
iWizzord, 18 years
iWizzord, 18 years
Bonjour j'ai fait ma demande de billet zen ce matin et je voudrais savoir si il y avait une possibilité pour avoir un billet gold ou meme silver.
Published on 19/02/2012 à 13:57
Persmegas, 31 years, esperaza
Persmegas, 31 years, esperaza
Ouais, c'est bizarre! Il est 23h10 et j'ai encore accès aux billets Zen!!! Pourtant, ils auraient dû partir depuis un moment vu que même les autres européens y ont accès :s Pourvu que ça se règle rapidement!!
Published on 18/02/2012 à 23:11

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