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The schedule is starting to be online!

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Published on 01/06/2010 - Edition

The schedule will be updated and completed during the following weeks.

The schedule of the showcases and signing sessions of the J.E. Live House ‘s artists: you can see them live everyday!



Discover when Tsukasa HÔJÔ will give conferences and signing sessions!




Hiro MASHIMA also gives conferences, with a public drawing session, and signing sessions!



Noriyuki IWADARE gives two exclusive live concerts at the J.E. Live House. Also in signing sessions and conference.


Have a look at the schedule!

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manga-japan, 18 years
manga-japan, 18 years
merci beaucoup pour le programme! comme ça on peut mieux s'organiser -^^-
Published on 19/06/2010 à 23:31
sabrinella, 17 years, Colombelles
sabrinella, 17 years, Colombelles
(J'ai cru qu'il y avait d'écrit : J.E. Live Dr House %DDD)
Published on 10/06/2010 à 12:51
Atsu, 21 years
Atsu, 21 years
Cool! Je vais pouvoir m'organiser aussi.
Published on 03/06/2010 à 9:41

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