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The 12th Impact was all sports!!

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Published on 06/12/2011 - Edition 2011

Martial arts, baseball, wrestling: sport fans had a lot to do at Japan Expo last summer!!

If I say sports and Japan, you’re definitely thinking about martial arts?! And as usual there were many at Japan Expo this year but you could also discover two other sports which are very popular in the land of the rising sun: Puroresu and Yakyû (wrestling and baseball if you prefer)! Back to the greatest moments of sports during the 12th Impact!


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Siana-chan, 23 years, Lille
Siana-chan, 23 years, Lille
J'ai toujours pas testé le baseball cette année... Trop de monde :'(
Published on 07/01/2012 à 5:54
sakyko-chan, 16 years, La chapelle - hermier
sakyko-chan, 16 years, La chapelle - hermier
ça devais être simpas de voir ça .
Published on 08/12/2011 à 18:16

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