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Soon the votes are open...

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Published on 04/03/2010 - Edition

In a few days you will be able to vote for your favorites among the works belonging to the Official Selection of the Japan Expo Awards!

© All rights reserved You have discovered the selection of the Japan Expo Awards 2010 some time ago. It is on the website: www.japan-expo-awards.com !

Among the selected Manga, Anime, Asian films, Video games and J-Music bands and artists, you are going to be able to vote for your favorites very soon! Your votes are added to those of a professional jury whose members will be announced soon. And in a few days’ time, a form allowing you to vote will be online: watch out the news on the website!

Everything about the Japan Expo Awards on www.japan-expo-awards.com !

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Junelo, 22 years, Pont-Rémy
Junelo, 22 years, Pont-Rémy
C'est fait :)
Published on 21/05/2010 à 21:04
Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
Day-crash, 25 years, La Teste de Buch
Un choix pas facile en plus.
Published on 17/05/2010 à 16:42
sabrinella, 17 years, Colombelles
sabrinella, 17 years, Colombelles
On va y arriver ;)
Published on 14/05/2010 à 10:37

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