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Rebecca Bonbon, the last creation by Yuko SHIMIZU

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Published on 10/05/2010 - Edition

‘Hello Kitty’™ original designer Yuko SHIMIZU is to make an exclusive appearance at Japan Expo 11th Impact to present her new graphic property ‘Rebecca Bonbon’. You’re going to be smitten with her!

© All rights reserved Rebecca Bonbon is a French bulldog and super cute fashionista from Paris currently residing in a plush NYC apartment overlooking Central Park. Rebecca lives a charmed life, her days are spent showcasing her chic outfits whilst walking through the park, shopping and picnicking with friends.

Rebecca loves all things sweet, especially bonbons, which is how she came to be affectionately known as Rebecca Bonbon.

You will never resist Yuko SHIMIZU’s new character! So come and meet her!


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Qoikilleur, 18 years, Chambly
Qoikilleur, 18 years, Chambly
Hello kitty je pense aussi. Sa restera comme même une tête incontournable. Du moin pour l'instant
Published on 23/06/2010 à 12:48
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Rho c'est mignon, en plus c'est un bouledogue français ! c'est sur qu'après le passage phénoménal d'Hello Kitty, passer derrière c'est dur !
Published on 23/06/2010 à 11:51
Ruru Neko, 21 years, St fargeau
Ruru Neko, 21 years, St fargeau
Heuuuuuuuuuuu je prefere encore hello kitty
Published on 18/06/2010 à 20:46

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