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Panda Kopanda, the debut of two masters of Japanese animation

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Published on 27/04/2011 - Edition 2011

Japan Expo proposes to you a film made at the beginning of their careers by two major directors of Japanese animation: Panda Kopanda by Hayao MIYAZAKI and Isao TAKAHATA!

Mimiko, a young orphan, meets two pandas escaped from the zoo, a baby and his dad (a dad panda who reminds of one of Hayao MIYAZAKI’s emblematic figures, Totoro), who settle at her place! Then start the adventures, the baby panda getting into mischief and the encounter with a tiger who lost the way of his circus.

Made in 1972 and released in 2009 in France, Panda Kopanda (Panda Petit Panda in French) is going to immerse you into the world of two great directors, Hayao MIYAZAKI and Isao TAKAHATA, who will later fund the studio Ghibli with Tokuma SHOTEN.


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Kiki-chan, 27 years, WALLERS
Kiki-chan, 27 years, WALLERS
oh j'ai hate de la voir ! je suis une grande fan de ce genre de film !
Published on 30/04/2011 à 19:00
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Je l'ai pas vu non plus, je note, on verra si j'ai rien d'autres d'important à faire au même moment. En espérant qu'il passe les 4 jours :D
Published on 28/04/2011 à 9:04
Furumi, 21 years, Paris
Furumi, 21 years, Paris
Trop bien !!! Je l'ai pas encore vu !!!
Published on 27/04/2011 à 20:09

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