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Osamu TEZUKA, 60 years after the creation of Astro

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Published on 23/06/2011 - Edition 2011

Japan Expo proudly presents an art exhibition dedicated to Osamu TEZUKA, master and precursor of modern Manga and animation!

© All rights reserved Osamu TEZUKA impacted the whole Japanese entertainment industry and this exhibition recounts his career. It produces his most famous pieces, from Black Jack to King Leo or to Astro Boy, who celebrates its 60th anniversary, through texts and art reproductions.

On top of the exhibition, Japan Expo proposes to discover new technologies and augmented reality by downloading an app, and organizes an Astro game for the youngest and a lecture by Yoshihiro SHIMIZU highlighting Ozamu Tezuka’s influence on Japanese animation. You can leave hope messages for Japan on the outside walls of the exhibition.


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ChoMelania, 25 years, Senlis
ChoMelania, 25 years, Senlis
Voilà un auteur qui mérite une expo! Je ne manquerai pas d'aller l'admirer^^
Published on 24/06/2011 à 19:21
Hikaru-Haru, 21 years
Hikaru-Haru, 21 years
Il le mérite bien Osamu Tezuka... Ses mangas etaient si mythique et ça nous apprend plein de choses... Comme les mangas de Yumiko Igarashi d'ailleurs^^
Published on 24/06/2011 à 11:34
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
Très belle hommage au maître du Manga !!
Published on 23/06/2011 à 20:43

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