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Only 10 days left to get ready for the festival!

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Published on 25/06/2012 - Edition 2012

Japan Expo is near now: to allow you to experience a stressless festival and enjoy it fully, read the following advice!!

1- Buy your tickets before the festival
You have some time left but don’t forget to buy your tickets before the festival, defore July 4, 11.59 pm. When buying your tickets in presale, you get one extra hour on the festival!
More information on this page

2- Prepare your journey
You’re going to Japan Expo by car? By RER train? Or you want to try carpool? In any case, we help you get organized. Bus+ticket+accommodation packages are also available.
How to go to Japan Expo? - More about tips and discounts

3- Avoid lines
You’re thinking of coming at 5.00 am to be the first in the line and get inside earlier? Bad idea: you’ll only wait longer. Isn’t it better to sleep some more and be full of energy?!
Opening hours on this page

4- Take cash
There are two ATMs at Japan Expo but they are often crowded. Take cash before coming: the exhibitors don’t always accept credit cards.
Where to find the ATMs

5- Where can I leave my stuff?
You want to be light as a feather and free as a bird to enjoy the festival but you’ll be getting there with your suitcase? The checkrooms are here to keep your stuff!
The checkrooms: where and how much

6- Where am I eating?
When you walk around the festival, you really need to fill up your stomach! For a total experience, eat Japanese with ATSU ATSU and SUSHI SHOP! Or else, there always are sandwiches and other more standard snacks.
More details about the menu


More advice on this page

The festival map and schedule are coming soon,
to prepare your visit!


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I love itachi, I love onepiece♥♥♥☻☺,I love japan!!!!!!, 13 years, vannes
I love itachi, I love onepiece♥♥♥☻☺,I love japan!!!!!!, 13 years, vannes
merci pour les bon plans
Published on 26/06/2012 à 18:45
misaki151, 16 years, saran
misaki151, 16 years, saran
sa va trop vite c chian j'ai toujour pas recu mon cosplay a force sa va devenir genan
Published on 26/06/2012 à 14:47
oOCandyOo, 18 years, Saint Jean les 2 Jumeaux
oOCandyOo, 18 years, Saint Jean les 2 Jumeaux
Ne me le rappellez pas trop T.T je n'ai toujours pas fini mes cosplay T.T
Published on 26/06/2012 à 1:03

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