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One last session to win!

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Published on 22/05/2012 - Edition 2012

The third session of the envelope contest is over but the fourth and last one has begun! This is your last chance to win free tickets to Japan Expo!

The third session of the envelope contest reveals three new winners. The competition has been harsh like always, between gifted and creative participants.

Congratulations to Timité DJIGUI, Clémence DE GOUVILLE and Aurélie DESBOS who won their ticket to Japan Expo and a surprise gift!

Be careful, only one session left to win your tickets! The fourth session takes place from May 18 to June 7,still on the theme of a Trip to Japan.

Timité DJIGUI's envelope

More about the artistic envelope contest


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sauvanne, 15 years, Morangis
sauvanne, 15 years, Morangis
j'ai oublié de participé.
Published on 31/05/2012 à 12:54
kusakaze, 18 years
kusakaze, 18 years
Bonjour, pour cette dernière session est-ce que la présence d'un personnage de japan expo est-elle demandée? merci d'avance ! Kusakaze
Published on 27/05/2012 à 15:55
Mu-chan, Gourin
Mu-chan, Gourin
Bravo à eux !
Published on 25/05/2012 à 19:35

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