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News for signings

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Published on 30/06/2012 - Edition 2012

To manage signing systems in the best way and allow most of you to get signing coupons, Japan Expo has created a new tool: the signing passport!

How to get your signing passport
The signing passport is given to you the first time you go to the signing desk: show your entrance ticket to the staff who marks it and you get two signing passport, for Japan Expo and Comic Con’ Paris!

How it works
when you win the draw or get your signing coupon with the first come, first served system, a mark is set on the signing passport for the guest you chose.


The signing passport doesn't change the existing systems. To know all about those systems, please read this page.

Important: as for the Premium passport, signing passports are given only once!


More about the signing passport
and the the signing systems


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Amelyaaaa -> Mariya NISHIUCHI Séance de dédicaces Samedi 07 Juillet, 15h30-16h30, Dédicaces 4 Premier arrivé, premier servi
Published on 03/07/2012 à 22:02
Amelyaaaa_, 19 years
Quelqu'un sais quand l'actrice de Switch Girl Mariya Nishiuchi fait une séance de dédicace ?? Je vous remercie à l'avance!
Published on 03/07/2012 à 20:43
I love itachi, I love onepiece♥♥♥☻☺,I love japan!!!!!!, 13 years, vannes
I love itachi, I love onepiece♥♥♥☻☺,I love japan!!!!!!, 13 years, vannes
Published on 03/07/2012 à 13:16

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