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Kodomo no Hi: tomorrow, children are partying!

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Published on 04/05/2012 - Edition 2012

Get ready: tomorrow, the youngest have pride of honor! On May 5, the Japanese celebrates Kodomo no Hi, children’s day. This is an opportunity to party and fly Koinobori!!

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Koinobori at the Japanese garden in Paris's Jardin d'acclimatation


Kodomo no Hi (on May 5, literally children’s day) is a holiday in Japan: it is fully dedicated to children. This day also ends the Golden Week, during which there are many holidays and when most Japanese go on a break.

© All rights reserved Before celebrating all children, Kodomo no Hi was dedicated to boys only and was called Tango no Sekku (first day of the horse month, referring to the Chinese calendar). This holiday came from China and got to Japan during the Nara era: it is dedicated to iris (Shôbu), which were hanged in homes to get protection from catastrophes. Games were also organized such as archery and horse races. Later, during the Edo era, this celebration became boys’ day and got the new name of Kodomo no Hi. Soon it started becoming obsolete and went on only in Samurai families. In 1948, the law about holidays made Kodomo no Hi a national day, children’s day.

Today, people keep on hanging Shôbu and Yomogi (mugwort) on house doors to keep catastrophes away. Children have Shôbu-yu, iris baths, and eat traditional sweets. Koinobori are also hanged on this occasion, Koi carp banners floating to the wind and symbolizing strength and perseverance.


Children, have a nice Kodomo no Hi!


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Mu-chan, Gourin
Mu-chan, Gourin
Très bien expliqué en tout cas !
Published on 06/05/2012 à 0:55
sakyko-chan, 16 years, La chapelle - hermier
sakyko-chan, 16 years, La chapelle - hermier
c'est mignon tout sa
Published on 05/05/2012 à 12:01

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