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Join Japan Expo’s community and win free tickets!

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Published on 05/04/2011 - Edition 2011

You’re feeling lucky? This contest is for you: win free tickets to Japan Expo by creating your own account on our website!!

Three drawing lots will take place before Japan Expo among the members of the website community and they will win free tickets to the 12th Impact. The first drawing lots will be on April 15.

Participating is very easy! If you already have a Japan Expo account, you have nothing to do. If this not the case yet, follow these steps:

  • click on Sign in, top right of any page of the website
  • then click on Create your account
  • fill in the form, using a valid e-mail address!

And that's done the trick!

Feel free to leave a comment on this page to let us know that you now have an account. You can also rate this news and all the others!

By being a member of the Japan Expo community, You can send messages to other members and meet people who share the same interests!

The April 15 lots will draw 5 members who will win free tickets to Japan Expo 12th Impact, for one person on Thursday, Friday or Sunday.

They will be announced on the website and informed by e-mail so that they can send us their mail address, so that we can send you your ticket by mail. It will be sent after the contest, at least a week before the festival!

The next drawing lots will be announced later...


Good luck to everyone!


Japan Expo's community is also
on Facebook and on Twitter!

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fisoane, 26 years
nouvelle arrivante en espérant gagner pourquoi pas ... :)ça ferait plaisir
Published on 20/03/2013 à 23:18
Zax'S, 24 years
Zax'S, 24 years
aaah moi aussi je veut gagner le concours ;)
Published on 03/07/2012 à 14:14
gwindo93, 24 years
gwindo93, 24 years
wouhouuuuu !
Published on 30/06/2012 à 18:58

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