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Japan Expo supports Japan

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Published on 16/03/2011 - Edition 2011

Our thoughts are with Japan today and we wish as much courage as needed to the Japanese people.

After the catastrophes which have been happening in Japan since last week, Japan Expo wishes to say again how much it supports the Japanese people, as expressed at that moment on our Facebook page.

We also remind you that Google Japan made a webpage where you can make donations and get information. The prepublication magazine Morning has put support illustrations online and Toriyama-Sensei (Dragon Ball's creator) published a message for the Japanese people ("Be courageous!").

Several actions will be organized to support the country. We will give you more information about this soon.

To those who wondered about whether Japan Expo may be cancelled, we confirm that the festival will take place indeed. We wish to maintain the event to to keep on spreading Japanese culture, to show that we are deeply attached to it and to Japan.


Ganbare Japan !

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manga-mania, 19 years, paris
manga-mania, 19 years, paris
toutes mes pensée vous accompagne avec un grand soutien de ma par et de mes amie. j'espère que vous allez tenir bon
Published on 28/06/2012 à 11:58
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
Hier soir, j'ai était au Festival des Arts Martiaux, un grand hommage aux victimes de ces catatrophes avec une minutes de silence, un grand merci aux organisateurs du festival !!
Published on 27/03/2011 à 11:31
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
Ageha, 27 years, Paris
c'est pas vraiment l'annulation de la JE qui m'inquiète plus, je vois pas comment ils pourraient y avoir des invités japonais avec tout ce qui se passe là bas :x Toutes mes pensées pour nos amis les Japonais, en espérant que le plus dur est passé..
Published on 23/03/2011 à 13:45

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