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Japan Expo Centre: the new event about Manga culture

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Published on 15/04/2011 - Edition 2011

More and more of few take part in Japan Expo festivals and that’s why a new one is being created this year: Japan Expo Centre in Orléans!

Japan Expo Centre is definitely going to be the can’t-miss festival of this automn for fans of Manga, Anime, video games, Cosplay, fashion, J-Music and also Japanese traditional culture.

On October 29 and 30 in Orléans, come and meet prestigious guests and attend memorable shows or have fun, with family or friends, thanks to many activities: screenings, Karaoke, contests, martial art demonstrations, and much more.

Among the many exhibitors, there’ll be fanzines and many stores for shopping: Manga, DVDs, clothes, accessories and other goodies from Japan! Japanese cooking amateurs can also enjoy Sushi, Râmen, and more Japanese food.


Japan Expo Centre

October 29 and 30, 2011
in Orleans Exhibition Center

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Kiloé, 14 years
Ouiiiii! A chaque fois,je pouvais pas y aller parceque c'était trop loin, mais là, C'est à une heure à peinee (merchiiii) Kiloé
Published on 13/10/2012 à 11:32
Cutie-Nightmare, 22 years, Bourges
Cutie-Nightmare, 22 years, Bourges
Arigatô !! :D
Published on 13/05/2011 à 1:23
Hana Tsukiyo, 17 years
Hana Tsukiyo, 17 years
Oui enfin honneur à ceux qui sont au Centre! Obligée de faire un long trajet pour aller a Paris mais la ya juste a prendre le bus et payer la place!
Published on 06/05/2011 à 21:43

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