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Japan Expo Awards 2011: the Manga selection

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Published on 09/05/2011 - Edition 2011

After the Anime, Video games, J-Music and Asian films selections, here comes the Manga one for the Japan Expo Awards. A last reminder before making a definite choice and voting... if you haven't done it yet!!

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Céline-230793, Merbes-le-Chateau
A voté !
Published on 19/06/2011 à 19:15
ChoMelania, 25 years, Senlis
ChoMelania, 25 years, Senlis
Les choix sont difficiles pour certains cas... Mais j'ai voté^^
Published on 20/05/2011 à 22:04
nekikool, 113 years
nekikool, 113 years
N'a pas voté! Difficile de se retrouver dans les choix proposés... Dommage!
Published on 12/05/2011 à 19:47

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