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J-music, queen of the J.E. Live House

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Published on 21/09/2011 - Edition 2011

The J.E. Live House is THE place to be when it comes to J-music at Japan Expo and like every year, the artists who are invited on stage are hugely successful!!

In 4 days, the J.E. Live House stage hosted 11 bands and artists for 16 showcases in every genre: pop, rock, Visual Kei, heavy metal, electro… and thousands of you attended these memorable moments!

It’s high time to come back over Akira YAMAOKA and his musicians’ performances, on Golden Bomber (and their love for watermelon…) or Lightning, the heavy metal phenomenon which hit the J.E. Live House.


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Ange, 20 years, Sergines
Ange, 20 years, Sergines
Golden Bomber étais magnifique sur scène, avec un pêche d'enfer :D !! Ils ont tout simplement mis le feu ;D ♥ "J'aime les pastèques ! ~ Kyan Yutaka ♥"
Published on 12/10/2011 à 18:29
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
ladragonniere, 21 years, Clermont Créans
Un grand merci à toute l'équipe !! Et aux invités, c'était sublime !
Published on 21/09/2011 à 18:30

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